Chapter 10: Talent Management and leadership

Journal Article 10.1: Cook, A. and Glass, C. (2015) ‘Do minority leaders affect corporate practice? Analyzing the effect of leadership composition on governance and product development’, Strategic Organization, 13(2): 117–140

Description: This study examines the effect of racial/ethnic minority CEOs and diverse corporate boards on corporate governance and product development. Findings suggest that diverse boards are positively associated with effective corporate governance practices and product development.


Journal Article 10.2: Dreher, G.F. (2003) ‘Breaking the glass ceiling: the effects of sex ratios and work-life programs on female leadership at the top’, Human Relations, 56(5): 541–562.

Description: This article looks at data, at the level of the corporation, which revealed that the percentage of lower-level managerial positions held by women in the 1980s and early 1990s was positively associated with the number of work–life human resource practices provided in 1994 and with the percentage of senior management positions held by women in 1999. It examines a social contact theory perspective and a strategic human resource management perspective on the glass-ceiling phenomenon.