Chapter 16: Leading pro-environmental change

Journal Article 16.1: Schaltegger, S., Lüdeke-Freund, F. and Hansen, E.G. (2016) ‘Business models for sustainability: a co-evolutionary analysis of sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformation’, Organization & Environment, 29(3): 264–289.

Description: This article looks at the relevance of business models for corporate performance in general and corporate sustainability. Informed by evolutionary economics, it examines a theoretical framework to analyze co-evolutionary business model development for sustainable niche pioneers and conventional mass market players aiming at the sustainability transformation of markets.


Journal Article 16.2: Dyllick, T. and Muff, K. (2016) ‘Clarifying the meaning of sustainable business: introducing a typology from business-as-usual to true business sustainability’, Organization & Environment, 29(2): 156–174.

Description: This article argues that while sustainability management is becoming more widespread among major companies, the impact of their activities does not reflect in studies monitoring the state of the planet. What results from this is a “big disconnect.” With this article, two main questions are: “How can business make an effective contribution to addressing the sustainability challenges we are facing?” and “When is business truly sustainable?”