Semester at Sea visits the Isha Yoga Center
This video is relevant to the opening case study in Chapter 1 “Lessons from a Marketing Guru: The Business of Spiritual Tourism.”

What is global tourism?
This video highlights the value and revenue of the global tourism industry, providing an introduction to the importance of tourism.

RFID social media integrations at Bonnaroo
This video pairs with the Digital Spotlight in Chapter 1 “App-Dapting For Music Festivals” to demonstrate how the festival made use of social media integration. 

Niche marketing in tourism
This video works well to give a general insight into the niche tourism market as a whole and helps explain the different varieties of tourism.

Factors affecting global tourism
An overview of how tourism affects the global environment. This provides some extra insight into the section “Influences of the Tourism Marketing Environment.”

Myanmar promotional video
This is the promotional video discussed in the Chapter 1 case study “Marketing in Action: Let the Journey Begin (Again).”