The world ski awards
This video relates to the opening case study in Chapter 2 “Lessons from a Marketing Guru: Charlie Locke Keeping One Step Ahead.”

Science of persuasion
This video acts as an introduction to the section “Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour” in Chapter 2.

The X games
Displaying the X Games, this video helps support the Chapter 2 “Digital Spotlight: Marketing Extreme Sports Events—The X Games.”

Buying process
This video helps the viewer understand the organizational buying process to help support the Chapter 2 sections “The Buying Process” and “Organizational Buyer Behaviour.”

The 10 hot consumer trends for 2016
Discussing the consumer trends of 2016, this video will help the reader better understand the Chapter 2 section “Global Trends in Consumer Behaviour.”

High-tech hotels
Take a tour of Manhattan’s high-tech hotel Yotel as another example of “Marketing in Action: Hotels Responding to ‘Bleisure’ Trend.”