High Tech Hotel
This video is another example of a tech hotel to help support the Chapter 9 opening case study “Lessons From A Marketing Guru: Ten Out Of Ten For Tenerife’s Marcos Van Aken.”

What is public relations?
This introductory lecture relates to the Chapter 9 section “Introduction To Public Relations” to help the reader get a better understanding of what is PR.

What are the PR techniques?
To help gain a more in-depth understanding of Figure 9.1, this video sets out important PR tools and techniques.

PR versus marketing versus advertising
This video relates to the “Cause Related Marketing” section of Chapter 9 to help the reader understand the differences between PR, marketing, and advertising.

Four principles for measuring the impact of PR
This video helps support the overall lesson of Chapter 9 by setting out how to measure the impact of PR in addition to the impact of social media as discussed within the text.

Stellenbosch Wine Tour in South Africa
This video provides a tour of the Chapter 9 “Digital Spotlight: Cooperative Marketing In Stellenbosch, South Africa,” giving readers an insight into experience tourism.