Myoko Kogen Ski Resort destination video—by Scout
This video is created by Scout, as shown in the Chapter 6 opening case study “Lessons From A Marketing Guru: Sarah Plaskitt, Scout.”

Pricing strategy: An introduction
This video provides a helpful introduction to pricing strategy, a theme throughout the Chapter 6.

What is positioning in marketing?
As the second portion of the “Pricing and Positioning” section of the chapter, this video provides a brief introduction to help readers understand the role of positioning in marketing.

How to sell value not your pricing?
This video helps outline how value and price inform each other and supports the Chapter 6 section “Pricing Strategies For New Products.”

Les Jardins De Doars—Essaouira
This video works together with “Digital Spotlight: Ritzy Riads In Essaouira, Morocco” to give the reader an experience of Les Jardins De Doars.