Pestana Hotels & Resorts Institutional Video
This advertising video supports the opening case study in Chapter 10 “Lessons From A Marketing Guru: Dionisio Pestana, Pestana Hotel Group.”

What is customer service? The 7 essentials to excellent customer service
The “Defining Customer Service” theories are further explained in this video outlining the 7 essentials to excellent customer service.

Endless powder days at Vail
This video illustrates “Digital Spotlight: Vail Resorts, Top Of Their Game,” displaying the skiing experience at Vail resorts.

The right words at the right time—Customer service recovery for business
This video highlights the importance of positive customer service and its lasting impact, as discussed throughout Chapter 10.

Six steps to service recovery—Customer service training
This video works alongside the “Service Recovery Process” to help explain the step to service recovery.

Best Bits of the London 2012 Olympics | Highlights
This video provides the key highlights in relation to the Chapter 10 case study “Marketing In Action: High Profile Sporting Events In Britain.”