Opening of DWC 2016 Jersey
This video is in relation to the opening case study of Chapter 5 “Lessons From A Marketing Guru: Jo Arnett-Morrice, Dance World Cup,” following the opening of the Dance World Cup in Jersey, 2016.

What is event marketing and sales?
This video provides an overview into “Events Marketing” as an introduction to Chapter 5.

What is branding?
This short video works well with the Chapter 5 section “Branding” to take a look at the act of branding in general and how some of the world’s most successful brands operate.

Museums in the digital age | shift
To demonstrate the Chapter 5 case study “Digital Spotlight: Museums Go Digital,” this video takes a tour of the digital museum experience.

The product development process: How to bring your product to?
The “New Product/Service Development” section sets out how to develop a new product while this video helps set out the practical steps required and the questions that you can ask to help you develop a new product.

Hotel Pelirocco—The REAL Rock’n’Roll Hotel
The Chapter 5 case study “Marketing In Action: Hotels That Don’t Miss A Beat” discusses themed hotels like the one shown in this video—The REAL Rock’n’Roll Hotel.