Web Resources

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Website for David Callahan who wrote The Cheating Culture mentioned in Chapter 2 
Informational website of David Callahan regarding his book The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, which provides an eye-opening view of the ethical crisis spread across American society.

Aristotle's Ethics 
From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Aristotle’s ethics is described in detail.

Business Integrity at Prudential 
The Prudential Business Integrity website provides a listing of the components of the organization’s Code of Conduct.

International Center for Academic Integrity 
According to their website, the International Center for Academic Integrity works to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity among students, faculty, teachers, and administrators and the organization provides valuable resources on their website.

A Cheating Crisis in America's Schools 
In a six-month investigation, ABC News Primetime traveled to colleges and high schools across the country to see how students are cheating and found that students believe that cheating in school is a dress rehearsal for life.

Accenture’s Ethics Code 
An introduction to Accenture’s global ethics code and its compliance program, showing how ethical practices are integrated into the world wide business and its client base.