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Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto 
MacArthur-winning activist Majora Carter details her emotional fight for environmental justice in the South Bronx -- and shows how minority neighborhoods suffer most from flawed urban policy.

Van Jones: The economic injustice of plastic 
Van Jones, the author of The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice since plastic trash hits poor people and poor countries "first and worst," with consequences that impact everyone.

Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability 
Ray Anderson, founder of Flor carpeting, talks about his deep commitment to sustainable ways of doing business -- culminating in the Mission Zero plan.

Alex Steffen: The route to a sustainable future founder Alex Steffen argues that reducing humanity’s ecological footprint is incredibly vital now, as the western consumer lifestyle spreads to developing countries.

Al Gore: Averting the climate crisis 
Using the same humor he conveyed in An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore provides 15 ways that individuals can immediately address climate change.