Questions for Keeping the Bigger Picture in Focus

Questions related to your own expectations

☑ What do I expect to find, i.e. will my hypothesis bear out?

☑ What don’t I expect to find, and how can I look for it?

☑ Can my findings be interpreted in alternative ways? What are the implications?

Questions related to research question, aims and objectives

☑ How should I treat my data in order to best address my research questions?

☑ How do my findings relate to my research questions, aims, and objectives?

Questions related to theory

☑ Are my findings confirming my theories? How? Why? Why not?

☑ Does my theory inform/help to explain my findings? In what ways?

☑ Can my unexpected findings link with alternative theories?

Questions related to methods

☑ Have my methods of data collection and/or analysis coloured my results? If so, in what ways?

☑ How might my methodological shortcomings be affecting my findings?