Checklist for Writing a Literature Review

Have you:

☑ Read quite a few good, relevant reviews

☑ Identified the variables in your study

☑ Developed a list of synonyms or alternates

☑ Placed variables in a Venn diagram

☑ Compiled/located citations with abstracts

☑ Read abstracts and culled all irrelevant articles

☑ Assessed whether you need to dig deeper or focus your review

☑ Systematically logged your relevant readings

☑ Read and annotated each relevant article

☑ Sorted and organized your annotations

☑ Developed a potential outline for your literature review

☑ Written purposefully

☑ Used the literature to back up your arguments

☑ Adopted an appropriate style and tone

☑ Gotten plenty of feedback

☑ Redrafted (maybe several times)