Checklist for ‘Good’ Questions

Is the question right for me?

☑ Will the question hold my interest?

☑ Can I manage my personal subjectivities?

Is the question right for the field?

☑ Will the findings be considered significant?

☑ Will it make a contribution to knowledge?

☑ Does it have the ability to affect change?

Is the question well articulated?

☑ Are the terms well-defined?

☑ Are there any unchecked assumptions?

Is the question doable?

☑ Can information be collected in an attempt to answer the question?

☑ Do I have the skills and expertise necessary to access this information? If not, can the skills be developed?

☑ Will I be able to get it all done within the time constraints?

☑ Are costs likely to exceed my budget?

☑ Are there any potential ethics problems?

Does the question get the tick of approval from those in the know?

☑ Does my academic supervisor think I am on the right track?

☑ Do experts think my question is relevant/doable?