Checklist for Negotiating Expectations

Openly negotiating expectations with your supervisor and your mentor can save you lots of heartache. Things that you’ll want to clarify include:

☑ What is the best way to initiate contact?

☑ How much advice/direction can/will the supervisor and/or mentor provide on the selection of topic, question, methodological, and theoretical frameworks?

☑ Do all new directions need to be cleared with the supervisor and/or mentor?

☑ How regularly will you meet? In person, on the phone, via video conferencing?

☑ How will meetings be documented?

☑ Will the research team submit drafts for review/comment?

☑ What is the expected turnaround time for getting and responding to feedback?

☑ How much feedback (written or verbal) should be expected?

☑ Is open and frank discussion on progress expected?

☑ What is the best way to deal with any potential conflict?

☑ How will authoring of any eventuating papers be negotiated?

☑ Have you jointly developed a realistic timeline?