Consumer Behaviour

Welcome to the companion website for Consumer Behaviour, Third Edition, by Zubin Sethna and Jim Blythe. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study.

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About the book:

Praised for its no nonsense approach to engaging students and conveying key learning outcomes and for striking a good balance between sociological and psychological aspects of consumer behaviour, the new edition now features increased coverage of social media, digital consumption and up-to-date marketing practice.

Written from a European perspective, international in its scope and with an array of global international examples and cases from a variety of geographic locations and different industry sectors threaded throughout the text, students’ understanding and retention of the subject is encouraged through innovative learning features including:

  • ‘how to impress your examiner’ boxes - ideas and tips for what an examiner may be looking for to help students get the best possible grades in their assessments.
  • ‘consumer behaviour in action’ boxes – focus on consumer decisions allowing students to focus on the applications of the concepts and theories underpinning the motivations of consumers – something they are likely to do in their future careers as marketers.
  • ‘challenging the status quo’ boxes – encouraging students to think outside the box, think critically and exercise their problem solving skills.

Suitable for students with little or no background knowledge of consumer behaviour.


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