Multimedia Resources

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Online Audios

Audio 1: Why the Public Perception of Crime Exceeds the Reality

Description: Americans are more afraid of crime, even though the crime rates are down (4:55)

Audio 2: Proportion of Girls in Juvenile Justice System Is Going Up, Studies Find

Description: Girls have been the fastest growing segment of the juvenile detention population since the 1990s. Now, new research is showing that they are also incarcerated for longer periods than boys are (4:06)

Audio 3: Historians Mine 400 Years of Crime Data at the Old Bailey

Description: Analyzing records from London’s oldest criminal court reveals how Western society has viewed violent crime over time (4:05)

Online Videos

Video 1: Introduction to US Court System

Description: Basic description of the U.S. court system (2:17)

Video 2: Introduction to Deviance

Description: Basic description to deviance (4:54)

Video 3: Why Study Criminology?

Description: Professors discuss why we study criminology (2:39)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Federal Bureau of Prisons – Inmate Statistics

Description: Contains regularly updated data about inmates of American prisons

Web Link 2: Bureau of Justice Statistics Program Report – September 2014

Description: This report details the two measures of national crime: the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and the Bureau of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey

Web Link 3: Crime in the United States

Description: A publication of the FBI explaining both the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and the National Crime Victimization Survey