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Online Audios

Audio 1: IQ Isn’t Set in Stone, Suggests Study That Finds Big Jumps, Dips in Teens

Description: A new study documents significant fluctuations in the IQs of a group of British teenagers. The findings bolster the theory that the IQ test isn’t a measure of a person’s “fixed” intellectual capacity but rather, a gauge of acquired knowledge that progresses in fits and starts (4:12)

Audio 2: Can Software That Predicts Crime Pass Constitutional Muster?

Description: NPR article that discusses potential for software systems that can predict crime and details the pros and cons (4:49)

Online Videos

Video 1: Cesare Lombroso, Left Handedness, and the Criminal Mind

Description: Emory University’s Nat C. Robertson Distinguished Professor Howard Kushner tells the story of late 19th/early 20th century Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso and his efforts to study the relationship between left-handedness and criminal behavior (2:25)

Video 2: Phrenology: Studying the Shape of the Head

Description: Which parts of the head were believed to influence particular personality traits? (2:25)

Video 3: What Is That? Phrenology

Description: What is phrenology? (6:12)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Aaron Hernandez’s Brain Reveals Signs of CTE

Description: Aaron Hernandez brain scans show damage, so how could this link to aggression?

Web Link 2: Social Darwinism

Description: The article gives a brief view of social Darwinism

Web Link 3: Eugenics

Description: The author seeks to interrogate the implications of past practices