Multimedia Resources

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Online Audios

Audio 1: Preschool Suspensions Really Happen and That’s Not OK with Connecticut

Description: Connecticut has built a safety net that will send a child behavior expert to any daycare or pre-K in the state that’s having trouble with a disruptive child (7:01)

Audio 2: In Tennessee, Giving Birth to a Drug-Dependent Baby Can Be a Crime

Description: The state’s “fetal assault” law punishes women whose babies are born with drug withdrawal symptoms. Proponents say the law spurs women to seek treatment, while opponents say it deters them (6:59)

Online Videos

Video 1: Child Abuse in the US: Cycle of Violence

Description: This is a short video on the cycle of violence (2:38)

Video 2: Career Criminal Looks Back on 35 Years in a Life of Crime

Description: In this video Steve Cattell relates to a group of youth at Barnfield College about the life of crime, addictive patterns of behavior, and his 24 years behind bars (11:00)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Fatherless Families

Description: What is the effect of fatherless families on crime?

Web Link 2: Jackson Katz

Description: Jackson Katz discusses the concept of toxic masculinity, and its ties to harmful behaviors