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Online Audios

Audio 1: Macho Man, Little Princess: How Gender Norms Can Harm Kids Everywhere

Description: In a set of studies published Wednesday in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the researchers concluded that between the ages of 10 and 14, children begin to fully embrace and internalize the belief that girls and boys are intrinsically different--and should act accordingly (4:51)

Audio 2: When Crime Pays: Prison Can Teach Some to Be Better Criminals

Description: Scientists who have attempted to empirically analyze this theory have reached mixed conclusions, with analyses suggesting that activities like drug addiction or gangs are what determines whether the correctional system actually gets criminals to correct their ways (4:47)

Online Videos

Video 1: Differential Reinforcement: Theory and Definition

Description: This video provides an explanation for differential reinforcement theory (5:47)

Video 2: Obama Looks to Expand Home Visiting Programs for At-Risk Families

Description: Obama looked to expand a program that puts social workers in homes to work with parents as they raise children in at-risk communities. There is one such program in a Washington, D.C., suburb (3:09)

Video 3: Reducing Crime Begins with Early Education

Description: Preschool programs success on early intervention news clip (0:57)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Selling Kids on Veggies When Rules Like “Clean Your Plate” Fail

Description: Involving kids in preparing dinner may be a better way to get kids to eat their vegetables than strictures like “no dessert until you eat your vegetables.” But health experts say there’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat

Web Link 2: To End the Cycle of Crime, Italian Judge Breaks Up Big-Time Mafia Families

Description: Roberto Di Bella puts kids of crime organization ‘Ndrangheta into volunteer homes to keep them from entering the family business, where many have been implicated in drug-related crimes and homicides

Web Link 3: Preventing Juvenile Detention with a Blank Canvas and a Can of Spray Paint

Description: The number of children in detention in San Diego county is down by nearly half from just six years ago