Multimedia Resources

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Online Audios

Audio 1: How a Theory of Crime and Policing Was Born, and Went Terribly Wrong

Description: The “broken windows” theory of policing suggested that cleaning up the visible signs of disorder--like graffiti, loitering, panhandling and prostitution--would prevent more serious crime (30:01)

Online Videos

Video 1: Chicago School’s Social Disorganization Theory

Description: A clip on Chicago School’s social disorganization theory (4:36)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Crime Mapping

Description: Using statistics, law enforcement officials are able to concentrate their efforts on certain areas and activities

Web Link 2: NIBRS

Description: This site displays publications reporting data for criminal occurrences, updated crime definitions, and statistical findings year by year from the FBI

Web Link 3: Crime Mapping

Description: This article and included links on the page show an ongoing communication between law enforcement and the public about crime statistics and happenings in order to create a safer environment for everyone