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Online Audios

Audio 1: I Did Earn My Name

Description: Research finds young women often play central roles in gangs. One teenager reveals how the possibility of power drew her in (10:33)

Audio 2: Violent Crimes Prompt Soul-Searching in Korea about Treatment of Women

Description: Recent cases of murder and gang rape have led to new measures boosting security and support for victims of sexual assault. Women’s rights advocates say attitudes are what really need to change (3:54)

Audio 3: At 75, Wonder Woman Lassos in a New Generation with an Ageless Fight

Description: As the launch of the upcoming film coincides with the heroine’s Comic-Con fandom, Wonder woman appears to be hooking new fans for the same reasons she was birthed in 1941: justice, peace and feminism (3:59)

Online Videos

Video 1: Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Description: The new agenda for sustainable development, Agenda 2030, includes the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls as a specific target (2:38)

Video 2: Violence against Women: It’s a Men’s Issue

Description: Jackson Katz talks about ending violence towards women and how it is not just a woman’s issue (19:07)

Web Links

Web Link 1: Rape Is a Crime in India--But There Are Exceptions

Description: This NPR article is a review of rape in India, which takes a feminist outlook on when rape is and is not acceptable

Web Link 2: Women with Opioid Addiction Live with Daily Fear of Assault, Rape

Description: This NPR article discusses the daily lives of women with opioid addiction and their risk of assault and rape