Sharing and reusing available data.

An introduction to data collection: sharing and reusing data (Segment 1: Where data come from and why it's important to share).

The video describes why and how sharing and reusing of available data is increasing.

1: Why is it useful to reuse available data?

2: Why is it more common to reuse quantitative data than it is to reuse qualitative data?

Constructing questionnaires

Ten top tips for designing a questionnaire.

The video provides advice on how to put together questionnaires for surveys.

1: Why should the formulation of the questions be adapted to the way in which the questionnaire is going to be used in the data collection?

2: Why should questionnaires be tested before they are used for data collection?


Quality of qualitative data

An introduction to qualitative data analysis (Segment 9: Conclusion: ensuring quality in qualitative data analysis).

The video explains how the data quality in qualitative studies can be assessed and ensured.

1: Why is an open mind important for the quality of the data in qualitative research?

2: Why is it important to start the data analysis during the data collection process?