Data visualization

Data visualization: Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology (Segment 1: Data visualization).

The video explains how data visualizations are used to communicate with different audiences, and discusses the benefits of using visualizations for effectively communicating complex data.

1: Why is knowledge about the audience important for creating data visualizations?

2: Why are visualizations useful for communicating complex data?


Structuring and writing a research report

What advice do you have for writing up my research project? (Segment 1: What advice do you have for writing up my research?)

The video provides advice on how research reports should be structured and written, emphasizing the perspective of readers of the report.

1: Why is it useful to think of the research report as a conversation with the readers of the report?

2: What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research as to the relationship between presenting and discussing the findings in the report?

Reporting and disseminating research

Core skills for new researchers: how curiosity drives the research process (Segment 4: Drawing conclusions).

The video explains why the researcher’s curiosity, story and message are important to writing effectively about research.

1: Why is telling a story an effective way of writing about research?

2: Why is curiosity a useful driving force in writing about research?