The importance of ethics in social science

Mark Israel discusses ethics in research (Segment 2: Why should social scientists concern themselves with ethics?).

The video presents several reasons for social scientists to be concerned with ethics.

1: What is the relationship between ethics and trust?

2: Why do we have to meet what research ethics committees ask us to do?

Ethics involved in using social media

Avoiding pitfalls on social media (Segment 8: Ethics).

The video describes several ethical issues involved in the use of social media for conducting or disseminating research.

1: How should the ethical principle of informed consent be considered when social media are used for disseminating research results?

2: Why is the distinction between private and public information important when social media are used in research?

Why ethics is important, and how to apply for ethics approval

Is getting ethics approval difficult? (Segment 2: A history of bad behaviour)

The video explains why it is important to be ethically responsible, and points out what should be emphasized when applying for ethics approval.

1: Why should you follow the letter of the law in your application for ethics approval?

2: Why should you be grateful to the ethics committee for getting your ethics approval?