Specifying a testable research question

Creating a testable research question (Segment 1: Operationalize your variables).

The video shows how important it is to specify a research question that is manageable and testable within the available time frame of the study that is planned.







1: Why is it important to think big, but research small?

2: What does it mean to specify the research question?


Choosing a method and reformulating the research question

Creating a testable research question (Segment 4: Choose a method, and Segment 5: Retool your research question).

The video shows how the choice of method is determined by the research question and the resources available for the study, and it points out that is often necessary to refine or reformulate your research question.

1: Why does the choice of method depend on the research question?

2: What are the main reasons for reformulating or refining the research question?


Developing a research design

An introduction to research design (Segment 1: What is a research design, and Segment 2: What does research design look like?).

The video explains what a research design is, and how a research design is developed.

1: Why is the research design described as a roadmap?

2: Why is it useful to keep a research diary when developing the research design?


Research design and sample selection in qualitative research

Introduction to qualitative research methods (Segment 2: Research design, and Segment 3: Sample selection).

In the video, the development of research designs is discussed in relation to research questions and theoretical frameworks, and some issues involved in sampling for qualitative studies are examined.

1: Why are theoretical frameworks important in research?

2: Why are qualitative studies based on small samples?