Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Review the blog titled, “How Can Crime Analysis Help Police Reduce Crime?” posted by Dr. Laura Wyckoff in August, 2014.   What barriers does she identify that need to be overcome to best use crime analysis to combat crime?  What initiative was created in response to overcoming these barriers?

Exercise 2 


Review the resources available within the IACA’s Resource Center (look on the far right column under “Filter by Category”.  Click on “Success Stories”.  Explain the importance of sharing stories about success in the field.  Go beyond the notion of, “it’s good to know it works sometimes” and explore how these success stories help to inform other analysts and the broader field.

Exercise 3


Using this article of the history of crime analysis, compare and contrast the history as presented here compared to the history presented in the course text.  What pieces of history do both sources note and what additional history is contributed by each individual piece, not included in the other?  What does this suggest to you, as a student, as to the pieces of history that have been most critical to the development of the profession?