Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Using this Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report on “Age Patterns of Victims of Serious Violent Crimes”, discuss the findings, conclusions and statistics presented as it relates to the information provided in the text about persons and property crime patterns.  Comparing and contrasting the information, draw a minimum of three (3) conclusions about meaningful patterns of both types and their victims.

Exercise 2


Review the article entitled, “Patterns and Trends in Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice” provided at the link provided.  Comparing to the pattern information found in the text, draw conclusions about the following crimes:  robbery, theft from vehicle, residential burglary and hot product patterns as they relate to patterns and trends for juveniles.

Exercise 3


This Canadian Research paper provides an overview in crime data between 1962 and 2003 with a particular focus on the decline in recorded crime throughout the 1990s.  It also explores the statistical relationship between selected crime patterns and various macro-level demographic and economic changes.  Paying particular attention to the contents of pages 8-16, though you should review the entire article.  Then, using the Bureau of Justice Statistics website (U.S. Dept. of Justice), locate statistics and trends for those same years.  Compare and contrast, drawing conclusions as appropriate.