Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Choose three (3) of the list of seven (7) types of crime patterns (e.g. Series, Spree, Hot Prey, etc.).  Then, using a reliable media source, locate a crime article for each corresponding type you selected.  For instance, if you chose “crime spree” as one of your three (3) choices, find a news article that speaks to a “crime spree” that occurred (whether or not arrests were made).  Articulate how you determined the article you selected matched the crime pattern type you chose.

Exercise 2


One of the goals of tactical crime analysis is to assist police in clearing cases.  Using the information from the book, combined with the information from this website, describe in your own words each of the ways that cases can be cleared, but moreover speaks to ways that crimes are not cleared.  Did you previously have any misconceptions on how clearances can take place and how they are measured?  Locate a local or county police agency with which you are familiar that provides information on their clearance rates.  How do they compare with those provided on this page?

Exercise 3


This page provides a list of seven (7) critical thinking habits/skills.  For each of the critical thinking skills listed, provide at least three activity statements that would specifically relate to a crime analyst using that skill.  For example, on “Information Seeking” , the analyst would identify relevant sources of information such as incident and arrest databases, would refer to published scientific studies on the type of crime committed and would seek information from other agencies in regards to possible related incidents and/or suspects.