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For each article, write a sentence outlining one of the arguments the author makes. There will be more than one argument in the article, but choose one that you think is most relevant to crime analysis in general and/or the corresponding chapter.  After the sentence, briefly describe the author’s argument and then cite the evidence the author puts forth to support the argument.  Note that an argument is not a statement of fact but is a line of reasoning asserted by the author that is supported by theory, research results, or both.

Article: Wilson, R.E. (2007). The impact of software on crime mapping: An introduction to a special journal issue of Social Science Computing Review on Crime Mapping. Social Science Computer Review, 25, 2, 135–142.

Critical thinking questions:

  1. How has the evolution of software impacted crime mapping according to Wilson?
  2. Has software development impacted crime analysis in a similar way? Explain.

Bernasco, W., & Block, R. (2011). Robberies in Chicago: A block-level analysis of the influence of crime generators, crime attractors, and offender anchor points. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 48, 1, 33-57.

Critical thinking questions:

  1. Discuss how geographic information systems technology was used in this article.
  2. What type of results might you expect if the unit of analysis were larger or smaller?
  3. Thinking about the importance of geography and crime and with an unlimited budget, how would you improve upon this study?