Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Review the article attached at this link.  Compare the calculations and conclusions drawn within the article to the contents of this chapter.  Determine if/where within the article the following are located: frequency and percent, rate, mean and standard deviation.   Can you find data / graphs that indicate whether or not the problems have increased or decreased?  What is the time frame (weeks, months, years, etc.)?  Why are all of these statistics important?  How do they help tell the story?

Exercise 2


Review the article on “The Severity, Frequency, and Variety of Crime in Heroin-Dependent Prisoners Enrolled in a Buprenorphine Clinical Trial”.  How did the authors leverage statistics within the study?  Which specific statistics are found within the article?  Name the statistic (and cite, as appropriate) and describe each type of statistic that was used (rate, mean, standard deviation, etc.).  For each, suggest an alternate statistic that could have been used in its place or explain why no other statistic would have been appropriate.

Exercise 3


Using the article attached on this link, provide a discussion about the use of statistics to examine career criminals.  The article specifically speaks to advanced statistical techniques that have been developed to address challenges identified in the article.  What are those advanced techniques and what are they used to explain?