Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Read the article, “Comparison of Self-Report and Official Data for Measuring Crime”.  Consider the information in the book chapter regarding “Reported” Activity.   How could the use of Self-Report data be incorporated into crime analysis?  What sources would be available, and what challenges would be presented in using the data in your analysis?

Exercise 2


In reality, crime analysts collecting their own data (primary data collection) is somewhat rare, except in the case of long-term projects, such as those that are part of a problem solving project.  After reviewing both the book chapter and the short article at the link provided, describe the benefits of primary data challenges and then articulate the biggest concerns or obstacles to conducting this type of data collection.

Exercise 3


Read the article at the link provided.  In a comprehensive response, explain why such a report was commissioned, the value of the information being collected, analyzed and disseminated and how the results of this report can (or should) impact the police forces in England and Wales in the future.