Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Review the “Elements of a Map”.  Make a list of all six (6) required elements.  Find two (2) crime maps online from reliable websites.  The first map should contain all six (6) elements.  Provide a link to that map.  The second map should be missing at least half (3 of the 6) required elements.  Provide a link to that map and state which elements are missing.  Finally, provide an explanation as to how those missing elements impact the understanding and interpretation of the map.

Exercise 2


Review both the information found in both your book and from this publication (“Crime Analysis and Mapping Product Templates”). Then, locate online at least three (3) crime analysis publications and, leveraging the information on what sound be contained in these publications, provide a critique of each product.  Be sure to include a link to the product you are referencing and be clear as to which critique goes with which product.

Exercise 3


This is the website for the Polk County (FL) Sheriff’s Office.  They have divided up their investigations divisions in order to dedicate one of the crime analysis sections purely to strategic investigations.  Review the list of the investigations units (Computer Crimes, Identify Theft, etc.) and explain why these are all considered “strategic” units (as opposed to tactical or administrative units).