Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


This article speaks to police “SWAT” situational awareness.  Compare and contrast the key components of situational awareness for police officers in tactical situations with situational awareness as defined for crime analysts.  How are they interrelated?  How do the goals of situational awareness for crime analysts align with the goals of police officers?

Exercise 2


The National Crime Prevention Council provides a list of strategies they support.  Choose one of the strategies (e.g. “Crime Tip Rewards”), click on the link and explore the strategy, crime problem addressed, key components, key partnerships, potential obstacles, signs of success and applying the strategy.  Write an overall summary of the strategy.  Then, using your preferred search engine, locate at least two (2) other studies, popular news articles, media releases, etc. that speak to the same strategy.  Evaluate how closely the ones you located aligned (or failed to align) with the summary of the approach on the NCPC site.

Exercise 3


Read this article published in August, 2015 by a retired LAPD lieutenant.  In this article, he suggests ten (10) of the top crime reduction strategies for the 21st Century.  As a consumer of this article, what considerations should you have while reading this article?  Ask yourself, is this simply one man’s opinion?  What evidence does he present to support the strategies he promotes? Has this article been peer-reviewed by researchers / academics?  How do we know if these strategies would work?  What could the reader do to follow-up?