Web Exercises

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Exercise 1


Use the information on Administrative Crime Analysis on page 5 at this link to supplement the information provided in the text.  Then, using your preferred search engine, locate at least three (3) Administrative crime analysis products available on the internet.   Name the product, provide the link to the product and articulate how you have determined it to be an administrative crime analysis product.

Exercise 2


In promoting the Online Master of Science in Criminal Justice, the University of Cincinnati provides this webpage that speaks to the profession of crime analysis.  The webpage provides many examples of the varied work of crime analysts.  First, review the page and its contents.  Then, make a list of all of the skills, knowledge and abilities (everything you’ve studied thus far) that you see reflected on this page (e.g. “definitions of types of analysis”, “statistics displayed in a chart”, etc.).  You should be able to name and describe at least ten (10) different items.

Exercise 3


One of the most popular current topics in crime analysis is “crime prediction” (aka “crime forecasting”) and big data.  This article from Government Technology (published in 2013) speaks to this topic. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the science behind prediction, including addressing the topic of “risk”.  Locate at least two (2) more articles from popular media sites that speak to the trend in leveraging big data to better predict crime.  Provide links to both sites.  Compare and contrast the information found in the Government Technology article to the articles you located in terms of theory, methodology and the use of technology.