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Pre-Reading Guide containing suggestions for background reading, covering the functional areas addressed in Part One, to help those new to the subject.

Learning Objectives from the book to help you evaluate your knowledge and understanding of each chapter.

Revision Tips to help you prepare for a new venture creation assignment and a reflective essay assignment.

Self-test Questions accompanying each chapter, which include instant feedback on your answers and cross-references back to the textbook to assist with your independent study.

Challenge Videos showcasing real-life entrepreneurs when they need to make an important decision about their businesses. A few options are set out for the reader to then discuss in a group or consider individually.

SAGE Journal Articles that can be accessed for free, complete with a short description of what each article covers.

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PowerPoint Slides for use in lecture presentations to save preparation time. Downloadable by chapter and picking out the key points from each topic, these also make a useful class handout.

Reveal Videos of the entrepreneur explaining their decisions for the Challenge cases in Part One to help incorporate these video cases into your teaching.

Additional Case Studies with questions that can be used in class to help students to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Lists of Cases/Researcher Profiles/Figures/Tables in the Book with page numbers are provided as quick reference for instructors to see all of the case and visual content in the book together at a glance.

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