Journal Articles

Article 12.1: Newton, T. and Napper, R. (2007) The Bigger Picture: Supervision as an Educational Framework for All Fields

Description: Transactional Analysis Journal 37:3 an exploration of models of supervision that can be applied to the coaching field as well as in clinical and educational practice


Article 12.2: Newton, T. 2006 Script Psychological Life Plans and the Learning Cycle

Description: Transactional Analysis Journal 36 this gives a background to the discussions of script and learning in the chapter)


Article 12.3: Napper, R. (2009) Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis

Description: Transactional Analysis Journal, 39:1 connects TA and Positive Psychology as sharing similar values


Article 12.4: Eusden, S. (2011) 'Minding the Gap: Ethical Considerations for Therapeutic Engagement', Transactional Analysis Journal, 41:101-113  

Description: This articles emaphsises the nature and necessity of risk in the therapeutic relationship