Video Links

9.1: Robert Kegan On Transforming Mind

Description: Robert Kegan considers: Is it really possible to grow beyond the psychological independence of the "self-authoring mind"

9.2: Robert Kegan On Immunity to Change

Description: Robert Kegan inquires about why there is a gap between a person's real intention to change and what they actually do

9.3: Robert Kegan On developing Self-Authoring Mind

Description: Robert Kegan discusses how initiative and the uptake of responsibility is the ‘Self-Authoring Mind’

9.4: Robert Kegan On the increasing demands on employers

Description: Robert Kegan speaks about increasingly high demand on employees and their ability to cope

9.5: Lisa Lahey On overcoming Immunity to Change

Description: Lisa Lahey talks about how people can transcend habitual patterns

9.6: Lisa Lahey On leading with perseverance

Description: Lisa Lahey defines what makes a 'Deliberately Developments Organisation' where suport of people's development is woven into daily working life.