Video Links

21.1: Feedforward: Coaching For Behavioral Change

Description: Marshall Goldsmith is one of the world’s leading leadership coaches. This short video outlines an approach on how to engage individuals towards change and development, without evaluation. A great tool to use with peers in a group environment, particularly as an introduction to coaching.

21.2: Peer Coaching in Education

Description: This talking powerpoint presentation provides an in depth definition of peer coaching and illustrates how this approach is used in educational environments to improve classroom teaching and student engagement. Teachers peer coaching teacher. The ideas could transfer to many other disciplines.

21.3: Peer Coaching & How Individuals Can Extend Their Influence Upwards

Description: This short video illustrates how peer coaching can be used as a tool to enhance learning across an organization. As organizations become less hierarchical, peer coaching can be a powerful tool to increase support, development and performance.