Journal Articles

Article 2.1: Effects of Group-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching Program on Depressive Symptoms in a Sample of Inmates in a Nigerian Prison

Description: This journal article provides recent research evidence for the effectiveness of group-focused cognitive behavioural coaching in the reduction of depressive symptoms


Article 2.2: A randomized controlled pilot study of CBT-I Coach: Feasibility, acceptability, and potential impact of a mobile phone application for patients in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

Description: This article highlights how CBT based mobile phone coaching apps can be used for tackling insomnia.


Article 2.3: Integrating Positive Psychology and the Solution-Focused Approach with Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching: the Integrative Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching Model

Description: In this article, the authors propose an Integrative Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching, a model of coaching, essentially based on the cognitive-behavioural perspective but which also encapsulates key aspects of PP and the SF approach to coaching. 


Article 2.4: Spirituality and Coaching Psychology: An adaptation of the SPACE model

Description: This article presents an adaptation of the SPACE model to include Spirituality as an additional modality and offer a more holistic coaching framework.