Video Links

24.1: Learn How to Diagram Your Personal Business Model in 10 Minutes

Description: Author of Business Model You demonstrates how to use a personal business canvas to visualize a simplified, “as-is” version of your current career as well as a redesign for a new career model. This exemplifies using the modeling tool in a simplified way and, therefore, is a good “beginner” video.

24.2: Escape From Planet Job: The New Physics of Career Management

Description: Author of Answering The Three Career Questions describes “the new physics of career management” as differentiated from spending your career finding one-job-in-a-row. The Three Questions are explained as they are used to frame the career management process throughout a lifetime of work. “Tornado Thinking”, the “Think Out Loud Laboratory” and the use of a tool called the “PINT” to help clients find work that needs to be done in their target markets.