Video Links

13.1: Sage Video: NLP Goal Setting

Description: Goal setting Sage publishing.

13.2: Systemic Goal with Professional NLP

Description: A good example of NLP outcome work as used in both coaching and psychotherapy.

13.3: NLP in Managing Finances

Description: A taster of NLP coaching in the context of managing finances. 

13.4: Dr Michael Hall Interviews

Description: A series of short videos interviewing Dr Michael Hall the founder of the Meta Coaching system which is informed by NLP. 

13.5: The Magic Moment
Description: The magic moment. Movement from language as an accounting system to language as a generative system and a recommendation for the inverse now in the 21st Century by Dr John Grinder, Co-founder of NLP.
13.6: NLP Coaching Workshop
Description: A good example of a typical NLP coaching workshop.