Further reading

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Fairburn, C. G., Cooper, Z., & Shafran, R. (2003). Cognitive behaviour therapy for eating disorders: A ‘transdiagnostic’ theory and treatment. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 41(5): 509–528 (A good introduction to the transdiagnostic model, with implications for treatment.)

Kaye, W. H., Fudge, J. L., & Paulus, M. (2009). New insights into symptoms and neurocircuit function of anorexia nervosa. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 10(8): 573–584. (A well-written overview of the complex issue of biological basis of anorexia: bear in mind that the authors are proposing their own theory in this paper so you should also look at other sources to get a balanced view.)

Treasure, J., Claudino, A. M., & Zucker, N. (2010). Eating disorders. The Lancet, 375(9714): 583–593. (Excellent overview of everything, and interesting detail on the medical consequences of anorexia, but a bit light on details of the psychological theories of eating disorders.)