Further reading

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Bennett-Levy, J., Richards, D., Farrand, P., Christensen, H., Griffiths, K., Kavanagh, D. et al. (2010). Oxford Guide to Low Intensity CBT Interventions. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (This book will give you an idea of how basic CBT works, in the reality of the NHS.)

British Psychological Society (2009). Code of Ethics and Conduct. London: BPS. (This is the full version of the Code of Conduct that is outlined earlier and is important reading for anyone considering a career as a psychologist.)

Wilson, P., Rush, R., Hussey, S., Puckering, C., Sim, F., Allely, C. et al. (2012). How evidence-based is an ‘evidence-based parenting program’? A PRISMA systematic review and meta-analysis of Triple P. BMC Medicine, 10(1): 130. (This is a systematic review of the research published about the Triple P Parenting Programme. This is a very critical paper, and highlights the many difficulties of doing research on psychological interventions.)

(This website provides very useful summaries of individual stud­ies and meta-analyses of treatments for psychological disorders. The summaries are brief and appropriately critical, and also a good way to ‘dip into’ a topic before you turn to look at articles published in scientific journals.)