Further reading

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Dobbs, D. (2012). Orchid children: How bad-news genes came good. New Scientist, 2849: 42–45. (New Scientist is a great source of entertainingly written and up-to-date overviews of many areas of psychology. This article unfolds the story of how genes and environments interact to determine our mental health.)

Epigenetics and Stress in Pregnancy: Baby Blues. www.economist.com/node/18985981 (This is a nice, approachable article, written for a non-expert audience, about the effects of stress during pregnancy on the mental health of the child that is eventually born.)

Gregory, A. M., & Eley, T. C. (2007). Genetic influences on anxiety in children: What we’ve learned and where we’re heading. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 10(3): 199–212. (This paper gives a very readable overview of the research designs that are commonly used to determine how and why psychological disorders run in families. It outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses in each design, and issues that should be taken into account when interpreting their results.)