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Welcome to the companion website for Doing Research in the Business World, by David E Gray. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study.

On this website students will find:

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes to test your level and understanding
  • Author Videos including Top Tips
  • Useful Video Links
  • Weblinks including Employability Skills and Checklists
  • Further Reading featuring Encylopaedia Entries, Journal Articles and Book Chapters
  • Flashcards made from terms in the book’s glossary

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Lecturers can access the following resources by logging in using the top menu:

  • PowerPoint® slides

About the book:

Grounded in actual research and supported by the author’s 25 years of experience teaching business and management students, this book is designed especially for students and researchers in business looking to do practical research, and introduces them to the reality of conducting research for the classroom or the boardroom.

The reader is guided through each step of the research process including all the tools they need to collect, analyse and present data and given advice on how to identify, design and complete appropriate projects, enabling them to develop their own research and maximize its impact. Global examples are included throughout from international markets and across the Business and Management discipline.

Packed full of learning features and complimented by a free interactive eBook that includes author video chapter introductions,  top tips and skills, real world advice, templates and examples of published research, real world data sets, MCQs, PowerPoint slides, student exercises and journal articles, as well as employability advice and guidance on different types of assessment and dissemination, allowing access on the go and encouraging learning and retention whatever the reading or learning style.

Suitable for anyone intending to conduct research in a variety of business contexts such as Management, Marketing, HRM and Organizational Studies.


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