Knowledge Checks

  1. ​Using a four-function calculator for money calculations

  2. Mental calculations, adding lists

  3. The commutative laws

  4. The associative laws

  5. The distributive laws

  6. Mental calculations, multiplication strategies

  7. Mental calculations, division strategies

  8. More multiplication strategies

  9. More division strategies

  10. Finding a fraction of a quantity

  11. Simplifying ratios

  12. Rounding answers

  13. Very large and very small numbers

  14. Fractions to decimals and vice versa

  15. Adding and subtracting decimals

  16. Multiplication with decimals

  17. Division with decimals

  18. Mental calculations, changing proportions to percentages

  19. Mental calculations, changing more proportions to percentages

  20. Decimals and percentages

  21. Expressing a percentage in fraction notation

  22. Using a calculator to express a proportion as a percentage

  23. Mental calculations, finding a percentage of a quantity 

  24. Finding a percentage of a quantity using a calculator

  25. Sharing a quantity in a given ratio

  26. Increasing or decreasing by a percentage

  27. Expressing an increase or decrease as a percentage

  28. Finding the original value after a percentage increase or decrease

  29. Using a four-function calculator, precedence of operators

  30. Subsituting into formulas

  31. Conversion graphs

  32. Knowledge of metric units of length and distance

  33. Knowledge of other metric units

  34. Knowledge of metric units of area and solid volume

  35. Bar charts and frequency tables for discrete data

  36. Bar charts for grouped discrete data

  37. Bar charts for continuous data 

  38. Interpreting pie charts

  39. Calculating means

  40. Modes

  41. Medians

  42. Upper and lower quartiles

  43. Measures of spread, range and inter-quartile range

  44. Box-and-whisker diagrams

  45. Bar charts for comparing two sets of data

  46. Answers to further practice questions