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  • Video Links

    • Displaying Student Work
      • Pre-Video Question: Why is it a good idea to display students' work? Or is it?

  • Post-Video Question: Give some examples of things you would display to make your classroom a print-rich inviting environment at the grade level you expect to teach.
  • Instructional Strategies
    • Pre-Video Question: What types of instructional strategies do you feel are best used for the grade level you expect to teach?

  • Post-Video Question: How would you make the strategies shown and discussed in the video clip even more effective at the grade level you expect to teach?
  • Teacher Preparation
    • Pre-Video Question: Should teachers be required to continue to upgrade their teaching skills following completion of a teacher education program? Why or why not?

  • Post-Video Question: Do you feel the teacher in the video clip is making the right choices to better meet the needs of her students?