SAGE Journal Articles

You can access here SAGE articles that show how different kinds of data are interpreted. Hopkins (2014) explains the collection of qualitative data to understand how Sikh men negotiate their identities in Scotland. The article then presents some of this data as extended quotes with Hopkins making sense of this information to forge an argument about how such men employ strategies in the face of being positioned as ‘strangers’ in the places they live. In the paper by Dittmer (2007), he demonstrates how we might analyse a text such as a comic book in order to read this for political discourses. Drawing on ‘Captain America’ he dissects the comic to reach conclusions about how the messages in the text promoted specific ideas of nationhood. Hatuka and Toch (2014) uses survey data to make sense of how people use smart phone devices and how this changes spatial relationships. The authors then use a variety of statistical tests (chi-squared, students t-test and the Mann-Whitney U test to make sense of the data).