Take Home Messages

Geographers are earth-writers. Part of our job then, is not just to conduct research but to write it up in order to communicate our research. For your human geography dissertation project you are communicating your research to the marker. You therefore need to ensure it is logical, clear and finished in time for your deadline! These top tips help with writing:

  • Ensure you know what a finished dissertation looks like. Check out if you school or department has completed projects you can consult.
  • Know that each dissertation has a set of core components you must include when you write up: an introduction, a literature review, a methods chapter, a results and analysis chapter (or chapters, depending on the tradition of your work); a conclusion.
  • Start writing as soon as you can. It helps to get the words ‘under your belt’. You don’t have to write in order. Start with something you are most comfortable with.
  • Map out a timetable for writing to ensure you have some goals to meet.
  • Leave time for drafting and redrafting. All good earth writers need to hone their words so the best communicate what you want to say.
  • If you get writers block, check out Task 11.2.
  • Always back up your work in multiple places.