SAGE Journal Articles

You can access here SAGE articles that illustrate each method highlighted in Chapter 7, used in practice. The first two papers you can access demonstrate the use of textual research, and archival research. Miles’ paper (2010) collates and analyses art exhibitions as texts to examine how climate change is represented to the public in the UK and US. Mills’ paper (2014) uses a collection of archive records from the Scout Association to make sense of how young people entered the public sphere through regimes of volunteering in the post-war period.  The second two papers show research that engages with people and places. In Jackson’s paper (2014) in-depth interviews are used to shed light on the experiences of migrants living in South Wales. This paper shows the questions Jackson asked as well as the interview data collected, which is folded into the subsequent argument she presents. In Merchant’s paper (2011) a novel account of underwater ethnography is provided, shedding light on the use of this embodied method. Turning to numbers and maps, Lapham et al. (2015) demonstrate the use of a survey to collect data concerning how people use parks for recreational activities. Greenhalgh and King (2013) use GIS mapping techniques to demonstrate how businesses are displaced in the Tyne and Wear region of the UK.